2017 Drone Stat of Mind. Hybrid Art Fair. Madrid
2016 The Runners. La Casa encendida. Madrid
2012 Boca como boca de oso. Galería La Zúa. Madrid
2011 Souvenir. Red Light District. Amsterdam. Holland
2011 wwwwww. Transmediale. Fünf Galerie. Berlin.
2010 The Power of The Horses is in Their Mouths. Fünf Galerie. Berlin.


2018 SUPER. NEW. WIRELESS. MAGICAL. PERFECT. Part of The Wrong - New
Digital Art Biennale. Curated by Any Berner.
2018 Why don't we get a kickstarter going for an ISP?, Isthisit?. Platform for contemporary art.
2016 Something that coud easily be mistaken? for nothing. Curated Kreuzberg Pavillon. Bergen.
2015 Resist., restart. Vesselroom Project. Berlín
2014 Silence won´t protect you. Kreuzberg Pavillon. Berlin
2012 11 Versus 11. Galeria La Zúa. Madrid
2012 Rituals. 129 Galerie. Berlín
2011 Estampa. Galería La Zúa. Madrid
2011 Loop, Video Festival. Urban Galery. Barcelona
2011 Galeria La Zúa. Madrid
2010 Estampa. Feria de arte. Madrid
2010 Galeria La Zúa. Madrid

2016 Completely Familiar, Entirely Artificial. M. Borrás. Exgirlfriend Galerie. Berlin
2015 Resist Restart. Berlin,
2011 Popular Guilt. Mit Borrás. Inés Barrenechea. Madrid
2011 Gharbzadegi. Marco Dorn. Fünf Galerie. Berlin
2011 Lost. Clement Loisel. Fünf Galerie. Berlin

2018 El Monstruo Moderno. M. Escorihuela. M. Borrás, R. Lamot. Fanzine
2018 Love Drone. Curatorial Text. M. Borras. Dimora Artica. Milan
2017 Ergonomic Technology, Curatorial Text. M. Borrás exhibition. Mallorca
2017 Drone Stat of Mind. Curatiorial Text. M. Borrás and R. Lamot exhibition. Madrid
2016 Completely Familiar . Entirely Artificial. Curatorial Text. M. Borrás. Exgirlfriend Galerie. Berlin
2016 Techno Vicking. Cultural dissemination article.Hombre de Palo. Blog
2015 Digital Media Arts [DMA] Programa. M. Borrás and R.Lamot
2014 Circular Trajectory. Curatorial Text. M. Borrás and R. Lamot
2014 Lateral Displacement. Curatorial Text. M. Borrás and R. Lamot
2011 Wwwwww. Transmediale. Curatorial Text. M. Borrás and R. Lamot. Berlin


2020 Balenciaga. Paris.
2019 Tiempo. C. Amate. Film
2019 Love Drone. M. Borrás. Film/Videoart
2018 Mathius Marvellous Shop. Paola Alvarez Filmproduktions. Film
2017 How Deep is your Love. R. Lamot. Videoart
2015 Teresa Suzuri. Art Director. Commercial
2013 E.a seawear. Art Director. Commercial